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It was a very bizarre divide. David's loyalties are tested after Silas leverages Port Prosperity during negotiations with Gath; Silas's plan to give the region to Gath as a gesture of good will would cede a farming community of loyal Gilboa citizens, including David's family home, to the enemy.

King Silas brings David into the capital city of Shiloh where he is promoted to Captain and then maneuvered into the plum position of military liaison to the media. Although Silas has framed David for treason, David helps return him to power. Michael Green (Heroes, Everwood) penned the script and Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend) was set to direct. In contrast, the show gained greater affinity among user based reviews, giving it an 8.7 user score on Metacritic, symbolizing "universal acclaim" reviews. The series' narrative is loosely based on the biblical story of King David, but set in a kingdom that culturally and technologically resembles the present-day United States.. Advance showings received mostly positive critical reviews. In doing so he reveals the truth of the Goliath encounter to him before he dies. Elsewhere, William is inspired by the unpopularity of Silas's decision, and tries to persuade Jack to help him overthrow his father. Meanwhile, as he waits in the dark, Silas has flashbacks to when Michelle was younger and ill. They just felt that that would be detrimental to the show. [23] The script for the first episode, "Goliath", was leaked some time prior to broadcast. Find more info on this show with Bing Search. While out in the country, David is introduced to the king's hidden life and secret second family outside the palace walls. Meanwhile, Michelle seeks a way to keep David alive, and Cross and Jack continue their plans to overthrow the King. Jack and Michelle each take advantage of the anonymity of the dark to enjoy forbidden romance; Jack spends the evening with his boyfriend, while Michelle spends it with David. Despite his wife's request to invite their nephew, Andrew Cross, to his birthday party, Silas refuses to do so. [25] In interviews with NBC executives, Television Week described a three-phase marketing push on behalf of Kings, and stated that NBC was "going out of its way since November to market Kings to so-called cultural tastemakers, hoping they'll help spread the word to the masses".[26]. Due to the unexpectedly rocky start, several media commentators predicted that Kings would be cancelled[43] or have the already-filmed episodes "burned off" on another night, such as Saturday. Reverend Samuels, Silas' long-time spiritual advisor and confidant, is killed under William's orders but appears in posthumous visions to David, the Princess, and Silas (none of whom is aware that Samuels is dead), confirming to them that God has chosen David to be the next king. Kings is set in the fictional Kingdom of Gilboa, a modern absolute monarchy. Unaware that Jack is one of the conspirators, David attempts to warn him of the threat to Silas's crown. [49], After airing only four episodes, Kings was officially pulled from NBC's Sunday schedule. Inspirational people from across Australia make pledges to change their lives by this time next year.

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[19] Liberty Mutual had previously approached ABC and CBS about such an arrangement. Restored to the throne, Silas is told by God that he must step down in favor of David, but Silas instead attacks David in a physical confrontation. [33] Edward Douglas of ComingSoon.Net stated that "the writing is sharp and the acting is excellent, as Green has assembled a cast that's almost unprecedented for a television show. Cross, who initially hoped for David's execution, switches sides and teams up with Reverend Ephram Samuels in an attempt to help David escape. He soon finds himself in the midst of royal court politics with little initial awareness of the forces acting behind them. The Logie-award winning series premiered on FOXTEL’s Crime & Investigation Channel as the highest rating documentary programme in Australian subscription television history (beating the previous record set by Kalgoorlie Cops). Elsewhere, Michelle encounters problems stemming from her health-care bill, as she learns that universal care has over-crowded the hospitals. Silas presides over 10 cases during an annual tradition called Judgment Day. On its first post-Kings Sunday, NBC aired a two-hour episode of Dateline NBC, enjoying an immediate near-doubling of their Sunday audience (from 3.6 million viewers to 6.4 million viewers). And that utterly failed to generate any interest in the show. A third series was commissioned by the Nine Network and is currently airing. Elsewhere, Jack takes David out for a night on the town in hopes of tarnishing his image, and Reverend Samuels continues to clash with Silas.

In penance, Michelle purposely exposes herself to the Plague, so that she can comfort a dying boy. Dialogue reveals that nearly all of the royal treasury is made up of gold on loan from Cross, so when Silas refuses to honor Cross's request, Cross uses his power over the treasury to undermine Silas. Despite their reasons for hating each other, David and Silas must work together in order to put an end to Cross and Jack's tyranny. There also are references to more modern themes, such as the Cold War, encroachment of technology in our lives, companies that perpetuate wars to make money, and national policy being influenced by holding the nation's treasury hostage. Search. Online Coupons and Best Deals. The marketing stayed away from it. This troubles the King so much that he initially plots to have David killed. There were a lot of reasons they had. [13], Other reviewers were less positive. Series 1 & 2 premiered on Foxtel’s Crime & Investigation Network and was subsequently aired on the Nine Network. Green said that although NBC was editorially supportive of Kings and its religious themes, the network's marketing division shied away from mentioning the drama's biblical roots and themes of faith in advertising: I talked extensively with them about this. Silas falsely accuses David of being a traitor because David lied to Silas about his relationship with Michelle. Watch now for free. However, David refuses their help after realizing that they are planning a coup. Jack and William seize power when Jack declares himself king. Meanwhile, Michelle and Jack's respective secret love lives are under the threat of being exposed, forcing Queen Rose to take protective action. I find myself in the latter category because I'm always a sucker for swing-for-fences serialized shows like this, especially when it looks ... and feels unlike anything on television right now.

Track Kings Cross ER season 1 episodes. To their detriment, they spent their money on a campaign that tried to sell the sci-fi aspects of a monarchy. [17], Kings was also the beneficiary of an unusual advertising arrangement; insurance company Liberty Mutual sponsored Kings with US$5 million. [33] Mediaweek magazine noted that "one year earlier in this block, the second half of a two-hour edition of Dateline and a repeat of Law & Order was considerably stronger at an average 6.3/10 in the overnights. [4] The Sunday March 15, 2009 premiere placed fourth in network television ratings for that evening. McShane was sent the script and enjoyed it, and was very open to returning to television after the HBO series Deadwood. [8] The remaining seven episodes were aired on Saturdays in June and July; however, Kings was canceled after failing to find a sufficient audience.[1][9]. [27] Allison Miller was also cast late in the process, joining Sebastian Stan and Susanna Thompson. "[36] Young adult book author Brent Hartinger said, "The new NBC series Kings ... is top-notch television — smart, original, and thoroughly engrossing — and it will end up reshaping the television landscape in much the way fantasy-esque shows such as Lost and Buffy the Vampire Slayer did. "[35] In a glowing review of the series' pilot, Heather Havrilesky of praised the series' themes, scope, art direction, cinematography and Ian McShane's performance, concluding: "The dialogue is just so artful and poetic, the characters are so appealing, the whole damn package is so original and daring and lovely, that after watching the first four hours, it's impossible not to feel inspired and cheered by the fact that a drama this ambitious and unique could make it onto network TV. See All . Through the series, David and Michelle's romance blossoms, first secretly and then publicly when Michelle informs King Silas. Episode List; TV Schedule; Details. King Silas Benjamin (Ian McShane) confronts escalating tensions with a neighboring country in the premiere episode of this drama set in a modern-day monarchy. Winner of the 2014 Logie Award for most outstanding factual program.

[1][2][3], Advance showings received mostly positive critical reviews. Elsewhere, the king's nephew (. In a scathing review, Ray Richmond of The Hollywood Reporter said that Kings "takes an utterly straight-faced and painfully earnest approach to the kind of broad nighttime soap opera that once fueled Dallas and (especially) Dynasty through the 1980s, but to watch something so anal-retentive and full of itself in the new century can't help but play as unintended farce. Following the extraordinary work of St. Vincent’s emergency doctors and nurses, this heart-stopping observational documentary series takes us inside one of the busiest emergency departments in Australia – the ER of the world-class St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney. Silas declares that he is now God's enemy as dark storm clouds loom above his troubled kingdom. Meanwhile, Jack goes on a shopping spree to spite his parents. A unique, fly-on-the-wall look at the experiences of the staff and patients at the always busy emergency department at St Vincent's Hospital. So nobody knew what it was. Kings Cross ER Series 1-3 Winner of the 2014 Logie Award for most outstanding factual program. In the two-part season finale, William Cross orchestrates a coup with the intention of placing Jack on the throne as his puppet. [27] Brian Cox joined the series in a recurring role, playing a rival to King Silas. Analogous to the author of the proto-biblical document known as, Joel Marsh Garland as Klotz – member of the Royal Guard, This page was last edited on 7 September 2020, at 20:23. The flashbacks reveal that Silas, to prevent Michelle from dying, made a deal with the Angel of Death (. That gives me some hope. [8], Michael Green suggested that confused marketing and a weak launch contributed to the show's demise.

When Michelle reveals the romance to her father, Silas decides that David has betrayed him. Watch Kings Cross ER season 1 full episodes. [44] NBC Entertainment co-chairman Ben Silverman was optimistic about the series' prospects: I'm hoping because intent [to view] went up and awareness went up after it aired, clearly people responded to it, and it grew over its two hours. Gilboa is ruled by King Silas Benjamin, who originally formed the united kingdom two decades before from the three warring countries of Gilboa, Carmel, and Selah. They wouldn't go near it in the marketing, but they never had a problem with it on the creative level, which is why I was so baffled.[20]. I found that in the development of the show, on the creative level of what the episodes and their content would be, I got nothing but support and interest in the religious or magical or somehow belief-inspired storytelling. [9], "Kings bows Sunday on NBC: Series loosely based on Bible's King David", "Top NBC Primetime Shows, March 9–15, 2009", "Yeshiva vet aims to make King David must-see TV", "Mishmash that is 'Kings' often overpowers an interesting idea", "EXCL: Kings Creators Michael Green & Francis Lawrence", "God Complexity: 'ELI', KINGS, the Almighty & Network TV", "NBC Reveals Complete 52-Week Program Strategy, Earlier Than Ever, That Gives Advertisers the Opportunity to Create Unique Marketing Solutions", "NBC Invades Brooklyn Neighborhood With Tank", "Sands Point Preserve featured Sunday on NBC's, "The creators of NBC's Kings reveal the magic behind the realism", "NBC's 'Kings' script: bold, bizarre, fun", "A Sneak Preview of NBC's New Drama Kings", "Review: All Hail "Kings," TV's Terrific New Fantasy Show!