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Man’s jealousy conflicts with the woman’s desire to remain independent, to continue to live without constraints. The man did a noble thing for his own son Deniz (Ege Tanman) by returning him to the village of Sadik's childhood to remain with family and friends. As the translated title suggests, the story is about a man struggling to come to terms with a father who disowned him, and his feelings of growing away from his own seven year old son.

No detail was skipped. I heard that a tissue company did a campaign where they distributed tissues to the ingoing audiences, don't know if it's true though. Create an account in a few clicks or log in to continue. That surreal view shows us the differences in thinking between an adult and a child. This movie will touch your soul and will not let go! When he left his parents’ house to go to the city to continue his studies, Sadik did not think of a return. |

I think one of the reasons the film did so well is that it reflects the atmosphere of the older Turkish films, from the industry's heyday in the sixties.

Everything is perfect, direction, photography, acting, you cannot help but feel for its characters and identify with them, especially if you share the same location in the map, similarities in history and personality traits.

At the girl’s request, Cahit accepts a formal marriage, but after a while there is a complicated love between the two. In Winter Sleep, the winter leaves prisoners under the same roof, Aydin, a former actor, who runs a small hotel in the center of Anatolia, his wife Nihal with a stormy relationship, and his sister, Necla, who suffers from a divorce. It is indeed a good movie, but i doubt it'll reach the same kind of wide audiences outside the country. Plot Summary | Add Synopsis

An emotional breakthrough. I need to divide Turkish cinema into two categories: Yeşilçam (Green Pine) Films and Contemporary Turkish Films. The role of the strong mother (Hümeyra) who is trying to do her best to retain the relation between her husband and her son into its normal course and how she is keen to get her family back together was brilliant that she make you cry and laugh in the same time.

Upon learning about Sadık's behavior, Hüseyin disowns him. i feel the movie should have ended when the kid videotapes's his dad's exit in the end nevertheless its a beautiful movie with wonderful actors and a great director and every human should watch it. I went to back again to my childhood when I was watching the movie.

My Father and My Son (Turkish: Babam ve Oğlum) is a 2005 Turkish drama film written and directed by Çağan Irmak about a family torn apart by the 1980 Turkish coup d'état. It's a small family drama, set largely in western rural turkey in 1987. All player did their job in a great performance.

Family Secrets (Turkish: Babam ve Ailesi) is a Turkish television series produced by Gold Film and aired by Kanal D from Monday at 20:00, between September 19 and December 12, 2016, in 13 episodes. I only saw one other Turkish film before this one (Vizontele Tuuba). "When a person grows up, do his dreams become smaller?". We created this website to make watching movies and series easy for you. The movie starts on the days of military government, which started Sep.12th, 1980, and lasted 3 years (Effects of this action against democracy lasted more than 15 years). The acting is definitely remarkable with less experienced characters (including the little kids) putting on a display to remember when aiding patriots of Turkish movie industry.

This is the best Turkish Drama I have Ever Seen. The couple runs outside, but they can't find anyone to take them to the hospital, due to a curfew.

A film about loneliness and alienation, about refusing to approach and personally adjusting to contact with a neighbor, Uzak is one of the most appreciated European films of recent years. No special effects, no superhuman strengths no fantastic landscapes.. Just human and the ordinary feelings. That until they happen to meet again, 25 years later, in Istanbul.

His rebellious nature urged him to choose another destiny than he would have had if left at his father’s farm, Hüseyin.

This film was a real surprise for me. I applause everyone involved in the production of this magnificent piece of work.. Really brilliant work, presenting some top-notch performances (esp by Humeyra and Cetin Tekindor) and a clever collection of spectacular moments.

Since then, it has received every national award and has become the third-biggest grossing film of the country's history by mid-March (it could go even higher, considering it's still playing in theaters after several months). Overall I can say that "Babam ve Oglum" is a blending of great acting, wonderful script, and a real life story. I felt some rush to call my mom and dad just after the movie to be sure that they are OK and to make them know once again that I really care about them. Very rarely can you find a movie that can make a person shed tears of sorrow one minute, then laugh out loud the next.

Because of his political activities, Sadık is arrested, tortured, and imprisoned for three years during which time he loses his health. Moms say it all what they feel for their children. Finally, I would like to that the brilliant director and the writer (Çagan Irmak), his control over his cameras and conducting the actors accordingly was above imagination.

The movie somehow makes ordinary places, ordinary people and ordinary events become interesting.

I am always in search of great foreign movies.I had never seen a Turkish movie and then I decided to watch The Bandit(1996) and loved it! During the recent years there have been made some movies that clarifying Turkey's 70s - 80s. In order to study journalism at Istanbul University, Sadık leaves his village on the Aegean coast. We have given you a way to access the exciting videos you love quickly, simply, and FREE. The oldest brother (Çetin Tekindor) his natural simplicity which he conducted in his role of a loving older brother whose ill youngest brother was being fed by his own hands while he is waiting for his destiny at the hospital. The film which went on nationwide release on 18 November 2005 became one of the highest-grossing Turkish films in history. [2] Written by Onur Ugraš and Murat Jurkulak, directed by Nihat Durak with artistic direction by Özüdogru Cici. Would you like to react to this message? Having seen a lot of Turkish films, I do agree with someone writing in this site that this is perhaps the best Turkish movie ever and one that can hold proudly its place amongst the best worldwide. Babam ve Oğlum (My Father and My Son) is a 2005 Turkish film written and directed by Çağan Irmak. |

A canned sardine manifacturer Yusuf puzzles the meaning of his life out after loosing her wife. Sadık's wife gives birth in a park and dies, but their son, Deniz, possibly named after leftist youth icon Deniz Gezmiş, survives. User Ratings Kuşkan was given the Best actor award at the 25th Istanbul Film Festival for his performance in Babam ve Oğlum. There is no need to tell what happens in the film as enough is said in the plot summary. The movie makes the viewer ask "what if" questions about almost everything and the answers will be different for everyone.

Metacritic Reviews.

Those were the tough days for many. The film which went on nationwide release on 18 November 2005 (2005-11-18) became one of the highest-grossing Turkish films in history. The little boy (Ege Tanman), no one can deny the ability of this young boy who is living in his dreams that his father is his hero even after his death, his maturity in acting is quite spectacular.

Also the places the film shot was great. The movie is definitely not like a Hollywood production, maybe more like a European film. Babam ve Ailesi 13 FINAL Bana Sevmeyi Anlat 22 FINAL Bir Gün Bir Çocuk 1 FINAL TV movie Bir Sevda İşi 1 FINAL TV movie Biz Bir Dolaşalım 1 FINAL TV movie Bodrum Masalı 42 FINAL Buyur Bi'De Burdan Bak 10 FINAL theatre Bünyamin 1 FINAL TV movie Cesur ve Güzel 32 FINAL Cesur Yürek 21 FINAL Çifte Saadet 11 FINAL Çizgiyi Geç 10 FINAL Sadık also needs to face his first love, now married with two children, and the question of old friends. As I watched that movie, I saw the Turkish relationships in the best way that it could be shown. A perfect portrait of family and problems associated. Family Secrets[1] (Turkish: Babam ve Ailesi) is a Turkish television series produced by Gold Film and aired by Kanal D from Monday at 20:00, between September 19 and December 12, 2016, in 13 episodes. For Deniz, who is absorbed in the magical world of comic books, meeting his relatives on the farm is a new experience.

i am from India and i saw this movie at Bangalore film society, its the most emotional drama i have seen till date and there wasn't one moment where i didn't have tears, i do feel though that the end was dragged. Clever, poignant, brilliant and "human".. are there any link for this film ??? An emotional roller-coaster of epic proportions! It is a perfect visualization of what people do because of their ego and what can actually destroy that ego.

Desperate to get money to maintain his family home, Yusuf needs all his lime help.

Overall I can say that "Babam ve Oglum" is a blending of great acting, wonderful script, and a real life story. Awards A few years after being released, he finds out that he will die.

The accident is the first event in a series of coincidences that will link the destinies of the two children – Özgür and Deniz, whose lives will intersect over time.

Impact triggers labor before the deadline, so the two women get together at the hospital and they give birth the same day.

In the turbulent years of the 1970s, as a student, and later as a left-wing journalist, Sadik was involved in politics, and that made his old dad renege entirely. , our hats are taken off ! Surviving the accident, she meets a girl who tried to commit suicide to escape the pressure of traditional, Turkish parents.

Without any effort i was able to find this masterpiece.

I have never seen a movie ever before, that brings a tear to anybody who sees it, at the sound of a violin, or a single word uttered. This angers his father, Hüseyin, who wants him to study Agricultural Engineering so he can manage the family farm. The film has many enjoyable moments but it's mainly emotional.

But international viewers can also get a real good taste of it, because main themes (such as family bonds, love of son) in the movie are humane things. The music is what you can expect from a Turkish film.